Surgical Instrument Tracking Systems for dental Practices

AT LAST, a Surgical instrument tracking system that tracks everything and stores it all in one place!

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Say Hello to ScanCARE for Dental Practices

Unlike other systems, ScanCARE captures all the traceability records required by AS/NZS 4815 including Al-Foil, Pencil Test results for Ultrasonic cleaners, Washer-disinfector test, autoclave and helix tests and stores them all in one place, making auditing a breeze.

No longer do you need to have paper records or a combination of electronic and paper records, kept in different places.

Autoclave Helix Test

But my Autoclave has an inbuilt Tracking System

Tracking systems that come with autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, washer-disinfectors and other equipment only track instruments to that piece of equipment.

You end up with bits of tracking data located all over the place.

ScanCARE captures all of it and links it to the patient.

You can feel confident with your Sterilization room record keeping with ScanCARE efficiently keeping it all in order.

Easy to use interface

ScanCARE has been designed to be user-friendly, so you can easily track instruments without any training or experience.

Using barcodes and scanners, it efficiently captures the entire sterilization process in real-time with ease.


ScanCARE Home Screen
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Easily configurable for any Dental Practice (of any size, any type of autoclave, washer-disinfector, or ultrasonic cleaner).

All re-usable instruments are classified using the Spaulding classification, saving time and administrative hassle.


compliance guarantee

ScanCARE Instrument Tracking provides peace of mind that your processes are fully compliant with the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on Infection control, AS/NZS 4187, AS/NZS 4815 and ADA Guidelines for Infection control (current edition).


  • Sterilization Process Tracking
  • Sterilizer Validations and Challenge Tests recording (Vacuum Tests, Helix Test, Bowie Dick Test)
  • Washer- Disinfector recording/ tracking
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner recording /tracking
  • Chairside scanning instruments to patient record
  • Spaulding Classification 
  • Handpiece Tracking
  • Proof of compliant processes
  • Attach IFU’s, SDS, photos and videos
Cleaning  Dental Instrument

Easily configurable for Dental Practices of any size, including Family practices, Community Health Services and University Dental Clinics

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