We create healthcare solutions that help nursing, CSSD and theatre managers and their teams to safely navigate what can seem like a minefield of regulations and standards.
Instrument Tracking Solutions
Digital Document Solutions

Digital Document Solutions

DDS-HD compressed

Instrument Tracking Solutions

Scancare Activity -HD compressed

Perioperative Teams

Perioperative teams can maintain current work practices and routines whilst tracking all patient and perioperative events with an easy to use count sheet based on ACORN compliance. They can also effortlessly capture and link all billable items to patient id and admission number.
Instrument Tracking Solutions

Enhance Productivity & Patient Safety

Improve Theatre Throughput

Always Meet Compliance

CSSD Managers

CSSD Managers that use ScanCARE have complete peace of mind that their work is compliant with AS/NZS4187 for sterilisation processes. Moreover they gain instant access to up to the minute audit trails of surgical instruments and devices, from sterilisation to individual patients.
Instrument Tracking Solutions

Monitor Risk Factors

Work your way

Peace of Mind

Nurse Unit Managers

Nurse, Business Unit Managers and Surgeons who want to adopt paperless patient charts are instantly up and running with Scancare DDS. DDS enhances productivity and theatre throughput. Automatic patient chart creation gives multiple users instant concurrent access regardless of their location.
Digital Document Solutions

Everything at your fingertips

A better patient experience

Adopts legacy formats
AS2828 Compliant

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