ScanCARE Activity Features

Scancare Activity Management is laden with features that were designed to simplify surgical activity management within the stringent parameters of NSQHS compliance requirements such as "purchase to end of use" tracking of surgical assets.

You can manage the entire lifetime trajectory of instruments and biomechanical equipment such as purchase, service & maintenance history logs for all equipment and a surgical Device Asset Register right out of the box.

Moreover, ScanCARE Activity manages sterile item production processes within a compliant framework and offers reliable sterile item to patient usage tracking.


Surgical-Activity-Tracking.jpgScancare Activity Management is a browser based solutions which runs on any desktop or mobile device offering you a true paperless cloud based platform. The system is easy to use and adopts your current processes and forms. Out of the box features include:

  • WHO safe site check
  • Document Version Control
  • End to End Sterile process audit trail
  • AS/NZS4187 Sterilisation Process Compliance
  • Standards Guidance
  • Local site configurable
  • Chart completion verification checks
All billable items used on patients in surgical episodes are tracked and linked to patient ID and admission number. Events tracked include:
  • Procedure
  • Doctor
  • Nursing Staff
  • Location
  • Assets & consumables used
  • Prosthesis/Implants
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Start & Finish Time


Our dynamic patient care pathway mapping feature positions users to deliver a better patient experience whilst enhancing productivity

  • Dynamic patient care pathway mapping, tracking & costing
  • Scanning patients to locations & capture in, out and waiting times
  • Track consumables
  • Manage doctors preferences and real time usage tracking
  • Separate Anaesthetists usage tracking
  • Detailed usage, performance and benchmarking reports
  • Prosthesis Register
  • Confirmation quality checks completion
  • Closed loop costings
  • Manufacturer/Supplier/Site Analysis
  • Registers nurse supervision of patient
  • Highlights variations/inconsistencies in patient waiting times
  • Highlights doctors usage of pre & post op supplies
  • Integrates with ScanCARE Digital Document Systems



Scancare Activity Management is GENCA and GESA Compliant and is used extensively for endoscopy and gastroenterology procedures.

Paperless scope usage tracking
  • Cleaning
  • Periodic biological testing
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Cleaning and leak testing
  • Manual and Automated Flexible Endoscope (AFER) processing and validation
  • Periodic microbiological testing and surveillance
  • Proof of process
  • Storage and release management
  • Repairs and maintenance