ScanCARE Essentials

Surgical Instrument Tracking

SCANCARE ESSENTIALS is a tracking system for surgical instruments and assets as well as biomechanical equipment. It is used by smaller hospitals and medical clinics who don’t need the full feature set of ScanCARE Activity but primarily need to reliably meet current patient safety standards such as AS/NZS4187 (sterilisation processes) in order to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) accreditation requirements.

What sets SCANCARE ESSENTIALS apart is its inbuilt logic that enables you to adopt a compliant framework for AS/NZS4187 whilst maintaining existing processes, forms and business logic.


Monitor Risk Factors


ScanCARE Essentials helps you do important repetitive tasks faster and more securely. It lets you reliably monitor risk factors and guides you with easy to follow quality check procedures so you can have complete peace of mind that procedures meet patient safety and sterilisation compliance requirements.

Work Your Way


Maintain your current work practices and routines. Scancare is designed by nurses to reflect how you perform tasks today, so getting up and running with the system is fast and easy.

Peace of Mind


ScanCARE Essentials offers you peace of mind your activities are fully compliant with AS/NZS4187 for sterilisation processes.