DDS Scancare Digital Document System

Digital Medical Records

dds_logo.pngScancare DDS gives healthcare providers the familiarity of paper patient charts combined with the enhanced capabilities of an electronic medical record system. DDS adopts the forms you already use and adds text & check boxes, images and list so you will be instantly familiar with and able to use the digital patient chart and document system.

DDS is a web based solution that runs any internet enable device, including mobile platforms. Best of all,  you can write on them just as you did when they were paper.


Everything you need at your fingertips


You will love how ScanCARE DDS lets you compile patient charts and procedure related documentation at the click of a button and, because everything is securely stored in the cloud, patient charts are always accessible. All forms have built in completion and safety checks and are in familiar formats.

Changing to a ScanCARE’s digital document system is easy. 99% of our users are up and running in less than 20 minutes.Upload and exchange high-resolution imagesA better patient experience

Improve Theatre Throughput


Adopting DDS delivers significant improvements in perioperative productivity and compliance procedures. Misplaced patient charts are a thing of the past and theatre throughput is more efficient.

This not only improves your theatre asset optimisation but also delivers a better patient experience. Another welcome benefit of going paperless is that you can scale back on required archiving space.

Coordinate remote care with eTriage


Have peace of mind your activities are fully compliant with AS/NZS4187 for sterilisation processes. ScanCARE also helps minimise complications by assisting with barcoded W.H.O. safe site and other mandatory checks.