ScanCARE Activity

Surgical Instrument Tracking

SCANCARE ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT is a tracking system for surgical instruments and assets as well as biomechanical equipment. It is used by hospital and medical clinics who need to reliably meet current patient safety standards such as AS/NZS4187 (sterilisation processes) in order to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) accreditation requirements.

What sets SCANCARE ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT apart is that it has inbuilt logic which offers valuable insights into the utilisation of your medical assets and pinpoints where savings can be realised, helping you maximise the return on medical and theatre assets.


Enhance Productivity & Safety


Get repetitive tasks done  fast and securely. Reliably monitor risk factors and be guided through easy to follow quality check procedures. Confidently meet patient safety and sterilisation compliance requirements.

Improve Theatre Throughput


Track all patient & perioperative events and capture and link all billable items to patient ID and admission number. Our automated preference card system significantly reduces perioperative set up time.

Always Meet Compliance


Have peace of mind your activities are fully compliant with AS/NZS4187 for sterilisation processes. ScanCARE also helps minimise complications by assisting with barcoded W.H.O. safe site and other mandatory checks.

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