“Helping health professionals deliver consistent high quality, safe patient care is our purpose”


At ScanCARE we create healthcare solutions that help nursing and theatre managers and their teams to safely navigate what can seem like a minefield of regulations and standards. 

Opening our doors in 1987 our focus during those early years was on crafting and maintaining surgical instruments for operating theatres. Working with this special purpose equipment gave us a direct "warts and all" insight into the surgical instrument management process and we realised it could be done better.

We became enthralled with the idea of revolutionising the way clinics and hospitals managed surgical instrument processes.  The result was a surgical tracking and perioperative activity management system, ScanCARE Activity.

The evolution of technology and health management

As technology and health management have evolved, so have our products. Owners and managers of medical facilities use ScanCARE to help them meet investor expectations around business growth and profitability, whilst ensuring their organisations meet evolving NSQHS accreditation requirements.

We understand that the adoption of new technology and systems often meet with resistance and we go to great lengths to ensure that everything we do is user driven. Medical Professionals, Instrument Makers and Technologists all play a vital role in our ongoing product development.

A digital patient chart system for medical professionals

ScanCARE's latest solution, a digital document system (DDS) is an example of this. Just as we transformed surgical instrument & activity tracking, our goal in designing ScanCARE DDS was to revolutionise the way in which health professionals manage and access patient charts.

Close collaboration with nursing unit managers and their teams was critical to achieving that goal. The result is a digital patient chart that adopts forms that they already make use of. Being familair with the format means users find it easy to make the change to a digital patient chart and can instantly use it in a productive manner.

At ScanCARE we are committed to providing a sophisticated yet simple to use suite of applications that improve process management for healthcare while helping investors, hospitals and practice management realise improved utility from their investment in medical assets.